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Izhmash Original Rare California Import 1993 Russian Izhmash Tiger-SVD-Dragunov #78

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True Original California Import 1993 Russian Izhmash Tiger-SVD-Dragunov 7.62x54R #78 What we have up for Auction is a True, Real California Armory Import of 1993 Russian made by Izhmash Tiger in caliber 7.62x54R. This rifle is numbered from a special batch of 1000. This one is 0078 with all matching numbers stamped by Russian Arms Factory # 33758. One owner sense purchase from California Armory, inc. To my knowledge and research 700 were imported and only about 200 were sold before the sale was stopped do to original Russian Military production and configuration of this “Hunting” rifles. In years I could not find numbers higher than 200. Have you seen? Try to find it! What makes this batch of 1000 so special? Russian factory Izhmash was already making civilian version of hunting rifles based on military issue SVD ( Snayperskaya Vintovka Dragunova ). Dragunov rifle well known around the world as a sniper rifle for accuracy, simplicity, relatability and surprisingly for Russian factory well made. So, this batch was made with all military configurations and military technology process as military issue Dragunov, just with shorter barrel to make it “hunting” rifle. Even equipped with military issue optic sight PSO-1 specially fitted and numbered for this specific rifle. Please see record on last page of passport/certificate. Yes, this rifle #78 of 1000 batch comes with original passport/certificate from the factory of maker. Please be aware of forged numbers on later imports of Tigers trying to look like First batch of California Import. Since production of those rifles were special order and made as a batch, serial numbers of that production need to stay in the same range. #78 with serial number 33758 makes #1 with approximate serial number 33680. #200 approximately 33880. So what are rifles with serial numbers way over 34000 doing in low range of numbers California Import? “They were originally produced individually, but, since 1992, they have been made in serialized batches.” (- Why the following Imports of Tigers were OK for sale? The original owner and purchaser of this first California 1000 Import, payed close to $2,000 for this rifle in 1993. Later Tigers priced in that year were around $800, and it was the true Hunting process made rifles. Beside the change in appearance, non military furniture, there were also changes made in barrel twist and the process of how it was made. That took away the famous accuracy of the Dragunov rifle. Changes were also made to trigger assembly, Barrel for Hunting Tiger were made with different protection technology, which with stands up to 4,000 rounds, SVD 10,000. Calibre SVD 7.62, Tiger 7.63-65. … Picture that you see and rifle you can win made by SVD technology and that’s why about 200 were sold in US before it was noticed and stopped. This California Tiger has had less than 300rds through it. Comes with factory scope PSO-1 and also 1PN58 Night vision scope. Included 2 10 rounds mags. Bipod. Carry Bag , original import certificate with manual and also a carry bag . 

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