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Firearms Rentals for Range Use


(Ammunition is not included in the price of the rental & You must use our store ammo in our rental firearms)

-Handguns $10/hr
-Long guns $20/hr
-Premium handguns $20/hr
-Premium long guns $30/hr
-SBR (short barrel rifle) $35.00/hr
-SBS (short barrel shot gun) $35.00/hr
-Suppressor add on for rental pistols $25.00/hr
(Can only be used on our pistols, does not include the pistol, can only be used on select pistols)
-Suppressor add on for long guns $25.00/hr
(Can only be used on our long guns, does not include the gun, can only be used on select long guns)

Machine Gun Rentals:
(Must be accompanied by range officer)(Does not include ammunition)

-Modern (HK MP5, LWRC, HK UMP, Colt M16, Colt SMG 9mm, etc) $55.00/hour
-Historic (Thompson SMG, etc) $100.00/hour
-Belt-feed (TBD) $150.00/hour (by appointment only)

-Ear protection rental for $1.50 per visit
-Eye protection rental $1.50 per visit