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The MR920 slides are designed to minimize recoil and maximize control and comfort. The Combat and Elite model slides are machined from 17-4 stainless steel and include directional serrations in the front and rear of the slide. The directional nature of the serrations provides an aggressive grasping surface when manipulating the slide, but vastly reduces friction when coming out of the holster. These serrations are seated in shallow pockets on the slide making the slide feel thinner and easier to grasp. The Elite model features additional directional serrations on the top side of the slide for enhanced traction in manipulation. The MR920 Elite models have a weight-optimizing window cut which reduces reciprocating slide mass and minimizes sight movement during recoil. The slides for the MR920 have been reprofiled to be more comfortable for IWB carry, eliminating the feeling of the slide digging into the shooter’s side when holstered.

Both models of the MR920, the MR920 Elite and the MR920 Combat, can be configured with either dovetail sights or with an optic cut.


The NEW, patent pending red dot optic cut featured on the MR920 is a first in the industry. For as long as shooters have been mounting optics on to handguns, there have been tradeoffs. The tradeoffs have been on how low an optic can seat into the slide, how strong the optic can be mounted, and which brand’s footprint can be accommodated. For the first time ever, Shadow Systems has introduced an optic cut that eliminates the need for compromise in optic selection and mounting. The design team started by solving the underlying challenge when designing the optic mount: the location of the slide internals. By redesigning internal components and operating principles, we created space in the slide for the longest, strongest screws in the industry.  Therefore, the MR920 optic cut allows multi-brand and multi-footprint optic compatibility combined with a low position and very long screws. The optic can be mounted low enough in the slide to permit co-witness with typical iron sights for most optic brands. The new Shadow optic cut accommodates Trijicon RMR, Holosun 507c, Leupold Deltapoint Pro, Vortex Viper, TruGlo Tru-Tec and many other red dots with similar footprints.  The new system provides versatility without compromise and even exceeds the strength of past Shadow Systems mounts that had a dedicated Trijicon RMR footprint machined into the slide.

The iron sights on the MR920 have also been updated based on customer feedback. MR920 sights are slightly taller, but still at a reasonable height, to allow for co-witness with more optic brands. The MR920 still features a bright green tritium night sight front with a blacked out rear sight to allow faster sight picture under stress. 


The Shadow Systems match-grade spiral fluted barrels are machined from 416R stainless steel, conventionally rifled 1-10 in., and concentricity checked.  The lug geometry and barrel hood fit is slightly tighter than a conventional barrel, but not enough to compromise reliability.  The  spiral fluting pattern improves the evacuation of dirt and debris and reduces barrel weight.  The Shadow barrel mated with the MR920 slide provides improved accuracy over other production pistols in the market. With threaded barrel versions of the MR920, a high-heat o-ring will now be included.

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